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Driving the Development of Male Field Hockey

United States Men's Field Hockey Foundation


Following the completion of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the United States Olympic Committee had a surplus of revenue that was acquired through the various revenue streams of the Olympics and granted each sport a gift of $1 million. The US Field Hockey Foundation was established in 1985 and through sound investing by the foundation board over the last three decades, this gift nearly doubled as USA Field Hockey continues to benefit yearly from the endowment yield.

Who We Support

Youth Boy's Are the Future of Field Hockey! 

On behalf of the entire Gallucci family, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support of my son Jack, and his participation on the Junior Men's National Team and their recent trip to Chile.  The generosity of  the USA Men's Field Hockey Foundation has 

been instrumental in Jack's playing career.


Jack lives for field hockey.  How he eats, sleeps, trains, manages his time - are all based around his singular goal of becoming a better player at

a game he loves more than life itself.  His passion and love the game is spiritual.  


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The U.S. Men's & Junior National Teams event calendar for 2018 here.



To support and promote the growth and development of

Men's Field Hockey in the United States


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