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The United States Men's Field Hockey Foundation (USMFHF) was founded in the wake of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, which allocated funds to each sport's National Governing Body (NGB). With Field Hockey being the only sport with separate NGBs for men and women, both received substantial donations, leading to the establishment of the USMFHF.


Initially created to oversee these funds, the foundation's mission evolved to ensure ongoing support for men's field hockey as the sport's governance shifted. Over the past three decades, the USMFHF has played a significant role in bolstering the sport through various initiatives, but the upcoming 2028 Los Angeles Olympics demands increased resources to maintain and strengthen the USA men's field hockey team. Consider supporting the USMFHF to secure a competitive future for the sport.


1984 USA Men's Olympic Team


Dedication. Experience. Passion.

All members of the USMFHF board are unpaid volunteers, dedicating their time to growing the men's game in the United States.

Aid the Board in our mission to create more hockey playing opportunities for male athletes and propel the USA program to new heights.

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