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Youth Boy's Are the Future of Field Hockey

Dear USA Field Hockey Federation, 

I would like to thank you for supporting our trip to Chile. Both the hockey and the cultural side of it were great and were much appreciated. Unfortunately, we lost to Chile on the series however on their return to the United States we look forward to beating them. As a country, Chile was very pleasant. Each one of the team members enjoyed seeing the country. For me it was my first time, so it was refreshing Tom see something new. 

Thanks again for all your help 
Kind regards 
Fin. Quaile 

Dear Men's Foundation,


On behalf of the entire Gallucci family, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support of my son Jack, and his participation on the Junior Men's National Team and their recent trip to Chile.  The generosity of  the USA Men's Field Hockey Foundation has 

been instrumental in Jack's playing career.


Jack lives for field hockey.  How he eats, sleeps, trains, manages his time - are all based around his singular goal of becoming a better player at

a game he loves more than life itself.  His passion and love the game is spiritual.  


In addition to being a hockey player, Jack is a full time student, a freshman at Fairfield University.  He made the Dean's list for the fall

semester and appears to be headed for the same distinction for the spring semester.  He did this all while traveling monthly to California

for training sessions, as well as Malaysia, and now Chile.  I tell you this, because he wants to be a part of the national team more than anything and will do everything and anything to make this happen.  I am insisting he maintain his grades to continue to play.


I know you are aware of the passing of Jack's dad and the financial impact.  Jack is 100% self funded.  He pays for every training session, every fee, every flight, every tournament fee  - himself with no outside support.  Unfortunately, I am unable to provide much assistance.  The costs to participate in this program are staggering and your assistance makes the difference between him participating in trips such as Chile or having to pass.


Thank you for making my son's dream come true.  Your support makes an incredible difference in his life.


Cindi Gallucci

Dear USA Men's Field Hockey Foundation Board Members,


Thank you very much for helping fund our team's trip to Chile. I am extremely grateful to have been able to play in the series between the USA and Chile.  It was fun to compete with my team and build relationships, not only with my teammates, but also with the Chilean players. The hosting family was extremely gracious, and I loved touring their beautiful city.


After the series, I feel that I have learned a lot more and will be able to perform as a better hockey player because of this experience. Before this trip, I had never gone out the country or played in an international game. So, on behalf of my family and myself, I sincerely thank you for your support.



Matthew Wong

Dear USA Men’s Field Hockey Foundation board members,

Thank you for always being there to support the boys and men in the US who want to play field hockey. Your support made the Chile series a reality for all of us. I am extremely grateful for the chance to travel internationally and compete against other countries. 

During the trip I had the chance to experience what the field hockey culture was like in Chile. My host family was two blocks from Club Manquehue, the host of the Junior Women’s World Cup in 2016. Playing hockey at Manquehue, Prince of Wales Country Club, and Santiago College was an amazing opportunity.

In addition to the hockey I really enjoyed having the chance to be at a home with not one, but two, members of the Chilean teams, one from the older group and one from the younger. We enjoyed playing chess in between matches. 

The chance to play field hockey with players from all across the US has been such a unique and important part of my life. I value all the relationships that I have been able to form and recognize the larger community it requires to support our US Men’s programs. My family and I truly thank you for your commitment to US hockey and our team. 

Dean Schiller
U18 US Men’s Junior National Team Player

Dear Gentlemen,

Thank you for your support for both the trip to Malaysia and the most recent trip to Chile. My parents and I very much appreciate all that you have done for us. Thank you again. 

I have attached a few pictures from Chile for you. Thank you again. 


Gerald Cutone

Dear members of the USMFHF Board,


I would like to thank you very much for your help in funding each player, the Chile test series were worth it! The more of these types of matches we play as a team the better I can see us getting; the chemistry, the skills, and the pace of our games have all improved tremendously since our first games together in Europe almost 1 year ago. On top of playing, we had a lot of fun just being together and explore Santiago as a team. Each of us being hosted by an opponent’s family, we had a lot of new impressions and it was nice to learn some additional Spanish along the way. All in all, it was a great experience and I want to thank you again for your support.


Phile Govaert, U19



My name is Jatin Sharma and I recently played in the U19 USA JMNT vs Chile Test Series. It was an awesome experience. I just wanted to say thank you to you all for providing us with donations for our trip. Playing hockey for the USA in a foreign country was an amazing experience and one that I certainly will not forget. This was the first time I played in an international series outside of the US and it was a great learning experience as it taught me what it takes to be a high-level athlete. It was also cool to stay with the Chilean families as I learned a bit about their culture and built a friendship with the Chilean player I stayed with. Once again, thank you for your generous donation to our team.



Jatin Sharma

To the current USMFHF Board Members,


I would first like to give a heartfelt "thank you" for provided the additional financial support to the team. The USMFHF is the backbone of the National and Junior National team and nothing would get done without your support. As a 7 year Moorpark, Ca player I have experience the best of field hockey in the US and was so happy to play my second international trip and represent my country. The actual trip was a blast, personally I play lower and lead the u16 team on the field as best as I could. As you might already know the team drastically improved from the first to last game. Thank you again for your recognized support of a loving and growing USA field hockey player. 



Cameron Spach

Dear USA Men’s Field Hockey Foundation, 

Thank you so much for donating money towards our Chile trip. I appreciate the financial donation towards this amazing trip. 

I learned a lot on this tour but also had fun at the same time. I learned a lot about playing International hockey. Outside of the hockey, I had fun going sightseeing and seeing what Chilean Culture was like. 

Thanks again, 
Sam Zuzick 

I wanted to send a note to thank you for your support of our recent trip to Chile, but additionally - for your continued support for boys and men's hockey, here in the states and as well, abroad.


In just a few short years, field hockey has become such a big part of my life and I have you all to thank for that - as each of you have been a part of field hockey and continue to work to preserve and grow the game here in the US.  It's always amazing to me how I continually need to educate people that I run into here in the states, that field hockey is a sport played by both women and men.  In some ways, I think I feel like a bit of an ambassador and actually, that's something my family and I have talked about often.  I live in Massachusetts and it's one of the only states where boys can play (and are often introduced to) hockey through our schools.  I always feel like I am representing something bigger than just me, I'm representing boys love and interest in field hockey.  With that "representation"on my shoulders, I always feel the need to think twice about all I do, act and say - not bad to make sure that I am really thinking about things before doing, ha.


I say this because that's really want you all are too - ambassadors -  we are all representing something that we love and something that we want to share with others.  Thank you for all you do for me and for the sport.


I love the opportunities that I have had to play here in the states, whether here in MA, in RI, PA, NY, VA, NJ or CA.  Every chance I get to play and to play with Men, Women, Boys or girls - it's fun, challenging and engaging.  I have met so many people through hockey and my circle only continues to grow.  The opportunities that I have had to play abroad have helped to show me immediate examples of the work that I have to do, to compete on a higher level and help to drive me more and more to work harder, train harder and be more mentally focused - not just short term, but long term.  This recent trip to Chile was another incredible experience in my life for hockey and even broader.  I'm preparing to apply to colleges next year and this experience helps me to get myself focused on what my hopes, wishes and needs are and to align with all that I want to have involved in my life.  My academics are what will help me to be what I want to be as an adult, but my hockey is an integral part of who I am and this trip to Chile and the previous trips to Malaysia and the Netherlands have helped bring focus about how much I see that hockey will always be a focus in my life.


Thank you for helping to provide these opportunities to me........I look forward to continuing to work hard, to represent the USA, boys hockey and myself, Colin Hennessy.  There's is nothing like being able to wear the uniform that proudly says USA across my chest and scoring my first goal for the USA down in Chile is one that I will not soon forget.  I hope that you will come to our events and see us play, when here in the states, as I have seen a number of you at NIT's recently in February - and it is always good to see friendly and familiar faces, all working together in support of Men's hockey.


Thanks again.


Colin Hennessy

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